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„Fluidmaster DF 50" - 50l/ min

“Fluidmaster DF-50" is an air-operated double diaphragm pump with high output fully enclosed in an aluminium shield.
“Fluidmaster DF-50" pumps are designed to be used as both transfer and system pumps.
As system pumps they can work on demand, e.g. starting immediately once a delivery valve is opened and stopping once it is closed.
„Fluidmaster” double diaphragm pump with 1:1 pressure ratio are recommended for transferring of lubricants, waste oil, antifreeze (glycol) and water.

Technical data
● pressure ratio 1:1
● maximum output with free discharge 50l/ min
   with free delivery at 7 bar/ 100 psi inlet pressure, using water at 20 degrees Celsius
● 0,1 l delivery per cicle
● minimum air pressure 3 bar (45 psi)
● maximum air pressure 8 bar (115 psi)
● maximum size of solids 3 mm
● maximum dry suction head 6 m
● maximum wet suction head 8 m
●  weight 3,5 kg
● air inlet 3/8" NPSM (f)
● fluid outlet 1/2" BSP(f) and flange
● fluid inlet 1/2" BSP(f) and flange
● Wetted parts: Aluminum, NBR, Hytrel®
● pump body: Aluminum
● diaphragms: Hytrel®
● balls: Acetal

552010 Air-operated double diaphragm pump „Fluidmaster DF-50

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