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Professional technology for...

… the handling of all kind of fluids which are typically used in the automotive sector, in construction and industry, as well as for applications in agriculture and mineral oil companies.

These fluids can vary from high-viscosity lubricants (NLGI 3) passing through low-viscosity lubricants until reaching soft greases or oils. We offer you an adequate and professional product solution for each application – either hand- or foot-operated, battery- or air-powered. Have a look at the available options displayed in our comprehensive grease section – professional products for lubricating or pumping high- and low-viscosity greases or soft greases and oils.

Refuelling agricultural and construction machines with diesel fuel is quickest and best done with electric pumps. Safety of course plays also an important role: That is why our self-priming diesel fuel pumps are almost all equipped with automatic delivery pistols which shut off automatically when the tank is full. AdBlue® is another even more aggressive fluid and requires pumps made of special plastics or stainless steel. A specially for this purpose conceived electronically controlled automatic shut-off gives you the safety which you are used to with classical diesel fuel pumps. Go to the Diesel and AdBlue® section for details.

Fresh oil equipment starts with the small useful helpers which are to be found in any maintenance workshop. Transferring fresh oil as well as filling can be done with manual pumps (from low-budget used as give-aways by mineral oil companies to high-end lever gear oil pumps).

Last but not least, we present pumps made of plastics or stainless steel suitable for other automotive fluids such as antifreeze and windshield cleaner or for selected chemical fluids like paint solvents, detergents, alcohols, acids and many more. Epoxy resins are used in construction … more fluids to come!

Products subject to technical changes without prior notice.