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4-jaw Profi-nozzles

● for lubricating hydraulic (DIN 71412) grease fittings
● 4 jaws turned out of a single piece of highly elastic quality steel forming a circle to
   ensure precise coupling and consistent jaw alignment with every use
● durable elastic interior plug and high-performance spring for leak-proof operation
● case-hardened steel jaws and upper part of coupler for less wear and more durability
● working pressure 400 bar/ 5.800 psi
● bursting pressure 1.600 bar/ 23.200 psi

07122 120/M 4-jaw Profi-nozzle
07123 120/BSP 4-jaw Profi-nozzle
07124 120/NPT 4-jaw Profi-nozzle

07131 Angled nozzle 90°/M
40459 Angled nozzle 90°/BSP

 4-jaw Profi-nozzles with check valve
● for lubricating hydraulic (DIN 71412) grease fittings
● spring-loaded check valve
● avoid flowing-back of grease

81486 120/M with ball check valve
121020 120/NPT with ball check valve
81835 BSP with check valve
81836 NPT with check valve


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