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Extension pipes with nozzle

● bent, 150 mm/ 6 inch
02007 103/M with 4-jaw Profi-nozzle (tested by DLG)
02037 103/BSP with 4-jaw Profi-nozzle

02004 102/M with pointed nozzle
02034 102/BSP with pointed nozzle

02002 101/M with all-purpose nozzle
02032 101/BSP with all-purpose nozzle

● straight, 150 mm/ 6 inch
02014 103/M with 4-jaw Profi-nozzle (tested by DLG)
02042 103/BSP with 4-jaw Profi-nozzle

02006 102/M with pointed nozzle
02036 102/BSP with pointed nozzle

02003 101/M with all-purpose nozzle
02033 101/BSP with all-purpose nozzle


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