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Accessories for FGZ plus, FGZ Combi plus and DPZ

● for refilling of grease containers of centralized lubrication systems
40098 Filling tube with coupler plug for FGZ/DPZ

● as complement for centralized lubrication systems
80317 Coupler plug for 3/8" BSP=3/8" (f)
80333 Coupler plug for 1/4" BSP=G1/4" (f)

80316 Coupler socket for 3/8 "BSP=G3/8" (f)
80332 Coupler socket for 1/4" BSP=G1/4" (f)

80431 Reduction piece 3/8" BSP=G3/8" to 1/4" BSP=g1/4"

80185 Double nipple 1/4" BSP=G1/4"

40005 Retrofit kit for converting FGZ into FGZ Combi plus
           Consisting of T-piece with filler plug and ball valve



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