The masters of fluid handling.

Adaptors for FG, FGZ plus, FGZ Combi plus and DPZ

● as alternative hose for higher flow rate
40258 FGZ 2m polyamide hose nom. diam. 16, nylon reinforced,
           with FPZ connector and protection cap

● Filler tube adaptor for American standard grease guns
● makes your filler pump not only compatible to European standard
   grease guns, but also to American standard grease guns
● safely stored in rubber cap when not in use
40548 Filler tube adaptor with chain and protection cap for
           American standard grease guns

● Filling plate
● for professional push-type grease guns and professional
   one-hand grease guns „PEP 100”
11101 Filling plate 150

● Filling adaptor for screw in grease cartridges
● helps avoiding waste due to refilling
● fast, clean, without air pockets
● cost-saving
● easy handling
40542 Filling adaptor FG/ PAT 500 screw-in cartridges
40699 Filling adaptor FG/ PAT 500 screw-in cartridges
● Bearing plate
● for bench mounting or attachment to any FG plus
   grease gun filling pump or FGL bearing filler pump.
   Services bearings up to approx. 18cm O.D. with minimum I.D. of 1,5cm
11102 Bearing filler head only



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