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Professional manual filler pumps „Serie FGL plus” for bearings

● services bearings up to approx. 18cm O.D. with minimum I.D. of 1,5cm.
● improved suction capacity by a longer lift of stroke and increased suction
   and valve openings
● solid and wear resisting by reinforced steel lever
● clean, economic, air-free refilling
● complete emptying of grease keg due to special follower plate
● with dust cover and filler tube
● suction tube diam. 40mm
● for all commercial grease kegs
● suitable for greases up to consistency class NLGI 2 (also soft greases)
 ● output approx. 50ccm/ stroke

40427 FGL plus 20 for 20kg kegs (ø 275 - 300 mm)
40435 FGL plus 50 for 50kg kegs (ø 355 - 387 mm)



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