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Professional technology for diesel or AdBlue®

Refuel with us!

As the agricultural and construction machines are growing bigger and their
tanks accordingly, you of course have a need for electric pumps with an adequate output.

This is why our 12V/ 24V- electric pumps “Dieselmatic®” as well as their
230V-versions with flow rates between 35 and 80l diesel fuel per minute
help you to reduce the time for refuelling, allowing you more working hours.
Almost all of our „Dieselmatic®” pumps are equipped with automatic
delivery pistols which shut off automatically when the tank is full.

Our electric pumps are self-priming, i.e. they do not need to be prefilled.
Design and configuration meet your professional requirements:
oil-proof electric cable, foot valve and strainer, protection against self-emptying
of your diesel container, professional hose end fittings, conically sealing fittings, diesel-proof hoses, integrated by-pass, support for automatic delivery pistol
and - last but not least – easy mounting.

AdBlue® has its share in the reduction of polluant emissions of diesel fuelled
vehicles - an issue which we take very seriously.
For this reason we have adapted and developed our hand and electric pump
range to the specialized requirements of AdBlue®.
By the way, these pumps are also suitable for IBC-tanks using a



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