The masters of fluid handling.

Dynamic history

So far three companies evolved from „Hallbauer Metallwarenfabrik GmbH“ founded in 1919 - one of them being „Hallbauer Industries GmbH“.
The decision to create a company focused exclusively on the export markets reflects the increasing importance of export business within Hallbauer and provides a solid structure for tackling present and future challenges of the worldwide export markets.

From East to West

Hallbauers range of products has been expanded continually over the last decades, starting 1919 with the manufacturing of grease nipples and grease guns.
After relocating the head office and production facilities of the then „Hallbauer Metallwarenfabrik GmbH“ from the Eastern part of Germany to Viernheim in the Western part, we started with export sales in the fifties – first into Europe, then to the US-market and to the Far East. The bestsellers were at that time products like professional grease guns, one-hand grease guns, pneumatic grease guns, high-pressure greasing units, filling units FG, FGZ and DPZ for grease guns and centralized lubrication systems, battery-driven grease guns, dosing units and their corresponding accessories. Now “Hallbauer Industries GmbH” serves customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

First grease, then diesel and now AdBlue®

Motivated by major changes in the eighties in the field of agriculture, our diesel sortiment with the Dieselmatic and Pumpmatic pumps along with our professsional technology for grease became more and more important.
AdBlue® contributes to a reduction of exhaust emission in diesel fuelled vehicles. We have adapted our hand and electric pumps to the special requirements of AdBlue® and offer these pumps also with Keg-couplers to suit IBC.
“We are successful because we work hard respond promptly to new requirements“ points out Albrecht Hallbauer. „It´s the commitment to meet challenges, the creativity and motivation of the people who have been working for us and still work which make the difference”. Many of the today´s staff have been working for twenty or more years for the company and contribute with their experience to the success of Hallbauer. Younger employees introduce fresh ideas and new skills into the company and contribute by this way to a contiuous evolution of time-tested knowledge. The result is a healthy mixture of continuity and development.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you!